the meRk group

The MERK Group is a food & hospitality group, driven to create unique and thoughtful F&B brands that ignite one-of-a-kind experiences for all who walk through our doors. With 4 establishments under our belt, MERK seeks to continue expanding and improving our outlets by working closely with local tastemakers and businesses in Johor Bahru to create more original concepts and shared spaces for our community.

We’ve come a long way, but the best is always yet to come:

First Bed & Breakfast Cafe in Johor Bahru
The Replacement LODGE & KITCHEN

OUR First casual fine dining-style outfit

First melbourne-inspired cafe in Johor Bahru
Faculty of Caffeine


From a humble team of 5 to now over 80 across 4 establishments, it really has always been the charm of Johor Bahru that catapulted us as a business, to expand beyond just serving good food, but also becoming an integral part of a carefree lifestyle that is uniquely Johorean.

We see a Johor Bahru that is vibrant, distinctive and, alive. And we want to be a part of it.

They have been passionately pouring all their heart and soul into their brands, motivated solely by their love for coffee, art and design.
— Masses Magazine


We want to redefine the local hospitality experience by going the extra mile in delivering outstanding quality of service, food, beverages and concepts.


To build a passionate, motivated and united team to pioneer and drive the progression of the F&B scene locally and with time, internationally.