Beyond the Bean: A Trip to Papa Palheta

We’ve been long-time friends of the good folks at Papa Palheta. For all you coffee enthusiasts, these guys need no introduction but for the rest of you curious cats, Papa Palheta is an independent coffee boutique, specialising in roasting and purveying specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia.

It was high-time that the team got to experience coffee roasting up-close and learn all about the source of that cup of coffee that they make on a daily basis, so off we went on adventure across the border!

A shot for the road!

A shot for the road!

Mr. Adryll Lin of Papa Palheta kicked-off the workshop with a presentation on 10 things you should know about Speciality Coffee.

Next, we moved on to touch and smell green coffee samples from Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The session ended with a tasting session of the coffees from the 3 different regions.

All-in-all, it was a great opportunity to gain knowledge and craft about coffee plus we got to bond as a team (yay!). We’d like to thank everyone at Papa Palheta for being such great hosts and showing us the ropes. It’s been great working with you guys and we look forward to more cool collaborations in the future!


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